A Gift from Kieran

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Get Involved


We are looking for individuals or organisations who are interested in volunteering with us or who would like to get involved in any of our community projects. Anyone who has a trade or has a DIY interest would be exceptionally beneficial. You don’t need to commit to lots of hours; any time you can give us will be gratefully received. All our volunteers will be fully covered under our public liability insurance. If you are interested in joining our group of volunteers we’d love to hear from you.


Support A Gift from Kieran by helping us to raise funds. You could join us at one of our events, share any ideas you have, hold your own event or take part in your own sponsored event. Please get in touch to let us know your ideas.


Are you or someone you know involved in a community group or project that would like our help or is there something missing in your community? Something you always wished was there or something that you maybe once had and would like again? We may be able to help! Get in touch and let us know your ideas.

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What we do
We organise and host recreational events and activities offering local communities a chance to come together.

We help local community groups and projects who require our support, along with being involved in setting up new community groups or projects where there is a need for them.

We are always looking for people who would like to be involved in our activities, especially those who are willing to spare a few hours of their time to volunteer.

We are keen to bring people together and help us make our local communities more vibrant.

Lastly, we offer help to community groups, charities or individuals who need support for a specific cause.
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