A Gift from Kieran

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Welcome to A Gift from Kieran

Our charity was set up in memory of Kieran Swinton. The charity allows us all to fundraise in his memory while using all the money raised to help make the local communities of Ormiston and surrounding areas more vibrant. If there is anything within these areas that you feel you’d like A Gift from Kieran to support then please let us know. In the meantime we’d like to thank you everyone for all the support they have shown us. Everyone’s kindness has been very overwhelming and very much appreciated.

19 year old Kieran Swinton was killed in a road traffic accident in February 2016. The one thing that became apparent after speaking to all his family and friends was that Kieran was the first to help anyone, no matter what help they required. He would go out of his way to make sure others were put before himself. We felt a perfect way to honour him was to have a charity in his memory so that he can continue to help others in his death as he had done in his life.

What we do
We organise and host recreational events and activities offering local communities a chance to come together.

We help local community groups and projects who require our support, along with being involved in setting up new community groups or projects where there is a need for them.

We are always looking for people who would like to be involved in our activities, especially those who are willing to spare a few hours of their time to volunteer.

We are keen to bring people together and help us make our local communities more vibrant.

Lastly, we offer help to community groups, charities or individuals who need support for a specific cause.